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For the next few weeks only, we are offering you one of the most life altering programs on the planet for just a fraction of it's original cost.
The Big Shift is one of the largest, most expansive, life changing programs that we have ever taken part in, and we both believe the same can be said by each and every person who fully participated. This 16 week course changed the lives of everyone involved - including US -  and now, you can experience the magic of creation for yourself by experiencing the amazing amount of energy, vitality, information, health, wealth, and transformation that came about through these calls.
For the first time ever, we're making the entire 16 hour audio course available to those who are truly seeking answers and who are fully committed to knowing, understanding, and experiencing the statement, "I AM the creation of me, my world, my consciousness, and I AM THAT I AM."
These calls brought in a TON of information: including our amazing clearing statement: "I am committed to One Happy, Prosperous, Healthy Whole, and That makes me Happy! And it's easy, simple, quiet, and complete, now and consistently." The energy on these calls also served as catalysts for some of Jarrad's most popular recorded meditations.
This program originally sold for almost $1,000.00, but now, we are offering you the entire library for just $150.00 - that's 9 dollars per hour of life-altering information and personal change.
Right now, we're also including Dee's Special TWO HOUR webinar on The Dark Side where you can get the highest, most-amazing discernment on what The Dark Side really is. You'll also get Jarrad's 90 minute class "The Fundamentals of This Work" where you will get to go further in depth about the formula, creation, and everything you've ever wanted to know about self creation.
This is a limited time opportunity. You don't want to miss your chance...
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"The Shift program's biggest gift for me is the sense of empowerment. Yes, Dee and Jarrad help with discernment, zero in on what's behind the symptom(s), offer great advice; and then they hand it back to us, emphasizing that it is always our choice, and everything is in our power to create, manifest - or not, again depending on our free will choice. Their love and support, combined with that of the group, fills me with gratitude." D.S.
"I wanted to share with everyone the success I've had with Jarrad's abundance activation meditation (which is FREE to download on his site).
Just a week after starting the meditation we sold some equipment we had been trying to sell for months for $5,000 dollars. As you can imagine this was such a relief and very welcome in our lives.
For some time we realized we were going to need to update our computer as it was a few years old and was showing some wear and tear. We decided we would upgrade to an Apple Mac as all our family use them and are very happy. We felt we would have to wait till we worked out our current financial difficulties. Then just a two weeks ago I was handed a brand new Apple Mac Laptop for FREE. What a wonderful gift we are so very grateful for.
But it doesn't end there, just last week we received into our bank account $8000 from our government. We had been expecting a payment owed to us, but thought it would be around $2K mark so you can imagine the joy when we received much more.
So I can highly recommend this free download from Jarrad, I just can't express how much this amped up the abundance process for me. But the big bonus is you can use this anytime, as much as you like not just for money or items that you want, it can also be used for increased self esteem, health or better relationships. Just about anything you can think of. Give it a go - It works! WoooooooHooooooo!
Much love and gratitude to Jarrad for creating this for everyone. It is has been a wonderful gift.
"The last few months have been so full of shift and joy that I feel like I am floating on a cloud - they have also been full of the challenges that come up with shifting, and I have managed to not only move into my joy through all of this, I now know joy for no reason = I am complete.
This week's calls and my private with Dee on Tuesday morning moved me into a truly conscious understanding of the creation process and how it works - and as soon as I had that last aha moment and shared it with my husband Jim, our creations manifested all at once.
Yesterday, I got the "stepping stone" full-time supervisory job I need to move into a totally new industry, giving me the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge I need to be promoted into/move into my dream job (I have also committed to the creation of the next step up the ladder within 18 months).
Later that day, my husband (Jim) was also offered a job back in his trade as a shipwright, and only 5 minutes from our house - a job he was recommended for by a friend he met at the local pub - so I have had to lose my preconceptions around him "wasting his time and money at the pub" too.
The third manifestation in two days was Jim received the back pay from his last job ($2500) which just last week looked like we would need to fight for through government agencies.
All in all, it has been a phenomenal week of shifting and creation, and I am literally bubbling over with joy and gratitude as I write.
"The Big Shift has been the perfect support system for me as I walk through this stage in my life. I didn't plan on signing up, but I knew it was an amazing value & unique opportunity so I took a leap of faith & I'm so glad I did. Dee & Jarrad are a wonderful combination & each brings their own unique talents which really helped me create shifts that have brought more peace & joy into my life.
The private calls were full of insights & great feedback as I learn to do this work. The weekly calls were so fun & really helpful. But the most surprising aspect of the program for me was how much I enjoyed the Ning site. I have never participated in a social site before & found all my fellow shifters to be so loving, supportive, creative, fun & full of inspiration. It was an honor to share in all their adventures as they created shifts in their lives.
This program has been sheer joy to be a part of & I am forever grateful to Dee, Jarrad & all my fellow shifters!                                    
"Wow - What a ride it has been! Just wanted to express my appreciation to Dee and Jarrad for the level of dedication they have shown to The Shift program - and to all of you for the love and support you have shown to me and each other. This program has been a blessing as my life has changed so much in the past year that, without it... well, who knows! You have offered me profound discernment, guidance and support for which I will forever be grateful. Much Love and Many Blessings to Dee, Jarrad and the Entire Group!
"Hi Dee and Jarrad -
I just wanted to express my gratitude for being a part of the Shift program. I moved quit a lot of energy and continue to shift. Biggest shift - finally getting up on a stage and performing. That was a big one for me (moving through the fear). Right up until I stepped foot on that stage I was screaming inside... and then it (the fear) all went away. That old, familiar feeling of excitement (and not panic) came back. I remembered why I enjoyed performing so much.
The other part of the program I've loved is the community... bringing forward new info for all. I kept having some sadness over the end of the program - I really didn't want it to end! I wasn't going to continue in the Shift 2 as I was holding the belief I would be keeping someone else from participating... that I have the tools and should be doing this on my own... Then I realized what was most important to me was the work - that is what I am passionate about! Sharing the work within the group setting, connecting with others and bringing it forth. Words can't really express the joy it brings me (and not all of it was joyful in the moment, LOL).
Long story short, I plan on being on the next one and shifting a whole LOTTA stuff as it comes up!!!
"I just love being supported by both of your insights, strength and guidance! It has totally SHIFTED me physically, mentally and financially! ...Through the connections that I have made, I find myself more self-confident, self-trusting, and self-love then I have ever known possible in my development, knowledge and acceptance of my true gifts, my true self, and my ability to succeed in love, life and my own heart. Thank you to all of you whom have helped me to recigive and find that balance in my life.
"I knew I had to do this program, the minute I heard about it. It felt like an urgent need! A month into it, it didn't feel amazing. Like the Master Cleanse doesn't feel so amazing for the first couple of days, as the toxins come loose and leave the body. Now I am humming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have true knowing, on some many levels. The deep down patterns of self sabotage were revealed, and new neural pathways have lead to such FREEDOM. I am being recognized just for being. I have old acquaintances and friends telling me I beam radiance. People are seeking me out for my healing, my creativity, and my wisdom. My challenging roommate is moving out. The relationship with my Sweetie has reached the greatest level of love, respect, and joy thus far. All of my close relationships are flourishing within Divine Right, while the out-of-alignment ones have blown out of my life.
And abundance- this month, a well spring of money is starting to flow in! Once I found out I saw money as control, and have now shifted it to be support. To be supported is to accept.
The Shift has taught me how to accept the Divine Essence of me, for me, by me. . .I AM that I AM
My gratitude to all the Shifters, Dee and Jarrad is beyond measure. . .I beam it to you ALL, please take a moment to receive it.
Ann Brunso"
"The beginning of the Shift program came at a crossroads in my life. My dad was in a skilled nursing facility and passed away in mid-August. The changes in my family have been dramatic and overwhelming.
One thing that sustained me was knowing I had the support of this entire community. The weekly calls helped me stay on track and kept me sane. The responses I got to the blog postings about all that has been happening have been touching and very much appreciated.
The specific shifts I experienced were around my reactions to family and all that's been happening. I learned new ways to detach from much of the drama and to actually have compassion for the folks involved. There have been times when I've been invoking the symbols and the Formula like crazy!
I especially gained from the wisdom and empathy of Dee and Jarrad during the calls and in the private sessions which I eagerly looked forward to!
A rousing hearty thank you to our leaders Dee and Jarrad and to all my fellow shifters. I am extremely glad I joined this program. The benefits I've received have been life changing.
Christofer Aven"
"This program has brought me so much clarity and a higher level of consciousness about creating my life. ...I have seen so many changes!!
I am loving being able to talk with Jarrad along with my ongoing talks with Dee. The 2 different approaches really play off of each other so well and I have dealt with long-standing issues that just hadn't gone away before. Most importantly, I now feel empowered to direct and create my life!
Blessings & Thanks!
"I can't find the words that can totally explain how much the Shift program has meant to me. Besides being in contact with the most amazing group of people who share and are so open and craving to be the best they can be, I've been able to finally really shift in a way that just amazes me! Both of you have led me to find what must be The Secret Of The Ages! ...and although I've been searching for it since my early 20s, I never really got it. Not until now! So now I'm taking a good look at what I really want in my life, and I'm in the process of making the rest of my life a testament to my personal power. From way, way, deep inside my heart, I thank both of you so incredibly much! Your work is priceless!
Sharon H"
"Hello Jarrad, Dee and everyone,
This has been such a ride with the Spiritual Dynamic Duo, Dee and Jarrad and of course all you Fellow Shifters! I have dealt with things that I didn't know were still a part of my belief system. It has been hard work going through some situations but totally worth it getting to the other side and acknowledging who I truly am and that I create my life and everything in it. I have never felt so calm and happy in my life. This has affected my work, the relationship between my husband and I and my family. I am actually creating things in my life that I desire and seeing them come to fruition, WOW!!! The drama is gone and now I observe it in other people and I don't get involved. I have truly learned to "Let it Be" in situations that I don't want to visit. And so from my heart I say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing adventure and I look forward to the new programs that will be coming.
Lots of Love, Light & Joy,

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